UKAS Certification award

Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety is critical to the success of any business and in March 2017 Mactech Europe Ltd  were re-certified to ISO 9001 2015, 14001 2015 and 18001 2007 through a UKAS accredited certification body our services are:-

– Design
– Manufacture
– Procurement
– Sale and Rental of onsite machining equipment
– Provision of onsite machining services

These systems run in parallel with our safe contractor accreditation, this gives our customers the assurance that our systems and practices are monitored and audited in line with low, medium and high level risk environments


Mactech Europe Ltd strives to provide excellence and customer satisfaction through continuous investment in our quality, environmental and health and safety business management systems.

In March 2017 our current UKAS accreditation was requalified to the new revision of standards  for ISO 9001 2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001 2015 (Environmental).

During this requalification program Mactech integrated its business management systems 9001,14001 and 18001 into a singular integrated business management system in line with the new 2015 revision

The scope of approval for the business management system is :-

The design, manufacture, procurement, sale and rental of onsite machining equipment and provision of onsite machining services.

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