816 LC Clamshell Lathe

10 to 16 inches NB | 273 to 406.4 mm

Known as clamshell lathes, split frame cutters, or cold cutting machines in the industry, Mactech Europes portable pipe cutting machines are built for in-situ precision cutting and bevelling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials.

The LC (Low Clearance) series is designed to fit into tight working areas as well as minimize machine weight so that engineers can machine expected high tolerances in difficult and restricted areas.  

These clamshells are lightweight but retain rigidity during operation.

Operational Benefits

  • Sever or simultaneous Sever / Bevell 10″ to 16″ Nominal Pipe
  • Cold Cutting in hazardous environments
  • Exceptionally rigid, split-frame for precise on-site machining
  • Tool Holder accepts standard 3/4″ or 1″ tool bits
  • Lightweight, low clearance design for easy handling in tight workspaces
  • Air Caddy (air filter & oiler) included with air drive systems
  • Customer setups and drives available for your application.



LC Clamshell Specifications

10 to 16 inch Nominal Bore

273 to 406.4 mm


7 Point Star Wheel & tripper

Feed Rate .0035″ (0.09 mm) per revolution

Requirement 100cfm @ 100 psi (2.8m3 /min @ 6.9 bar)

Hydraulic Drive HPU Requirement 10-15 gpm @1000 psi (38-57 lpm@69 bar) continuous pressure – includes hose whips and quick – disconnects

Operating Weights include tool blocks, slides and drive motor

816 LC Air Drive 107 lbs (49 kg) | 816 LC Hydraulic Drive 105 lbs (48 kg)

Approximate Shipping Weights includes equipment and shipping crate

816 LC Air Drive 231 lbs (105 kg) | 816 LC Hydraulic Drive 216 lbs (98 kg)

In-line air, right angle air or hydraulic drive

Air caddy with in-line lubricator and filter (with air drive)

Complete set of Tool Blocks & Slides

Locator pad set to cover entire range

All required hand tools

Gang box for machine storage

Operating manual with parts list

Full line of tool bits

Right angle & reversible drives

Single point machining attachment

Axial Feed Machining attachment

Counterbore / Facing attachment

Hydraulic Power Unit

816 LC Clamshell Brochure
Clamshell Drive Configurations
Clamshell Application Range
Mactech Pipe Size Chart
Clamshell Sever Bevel Tool Bits
Mactech Tool Steel Data Guide

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