Articulating Diamond Wire Saw – Cuts Pipe & Cuts Costs

Offshore Diamond wire saw

Mactech Europe, a leading provider of subsea and offshore machining solutions, in association with Mactech Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of the Articulating Diamond Wire Saw in Europe.  

The saw is designed for subsea and topside cutting of a variety of materials and projects and utilizes an articulating cutting arm for minimal clearance during cuts.

“The Articulating Diamond Wire Saw has recently emerged as the game changer in the subsea cutting world,” states Joel Wittenbraker, President and CEO of Mactech INC. “It is a tool specifically designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of low clearance cuts. These specific saws are ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members in the decommissioning industry, utilizing the existing diamond wire technology in a new way to perform cuts from a vertical orientation.”