The patented design of our Articulating Diamond Wire Saws increases the efficiency and effectiveness of low-clearance cuts in the subsea cutting world.

The articulated design only requires 2 feet of clearance around casings and the cut is made at the bottom of the saw, so there is no need to make additional space and can minimize dredge requirements.

Articulating Diamond Wire Saws

  • US Patents 8,651,098B2, 8,833,359,B2, 9,010,311B1
  • Cuts flat with mudline at bottom of the saw
  • Reduces backside clearance footprint up to 70%, compared to inline DWS
  • Reduces equipment footprint up to 55% compared to inline DWS
  • Reduces excavation footprint allowing up to 94% reduction of material to be dredged
  • Ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs
  • Designed to reduce setup, installation and cut times
  • All Mactech Diamond Wire Saws can be customized for ROV capability

These saws have performed thousands of successful cuts in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world

Esco Ground Millhog Series

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw 40a

22 to 40 inches Round

559 to 1016 mm Round

Esco Ground Millhog Series

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw 60a

26 to 60 inches

660 to 1524 mm

Mactech Europe Diamond Wire Saws

Mactech Offshore offers a wide selection of Diamond Wire Saws for Subsea and Topside cutting of a variety of materials and in challenging environments. Diamond Wire Saws are ideal for cutting multi-string casing or heavy wall legs and cross members.
Applications include:

  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Subsea cutting
  • Topside cutting
  • Bridge piling removal
  • Well head removal
  • Large diameter severing
  • Slot recovery
  • Marine construction

The compact and robust design creates an ideal cutting environment, reducing setup, installation, and removal time – saving you time and money.

Mactech Diamond Wire Saws are easily customizable and adaptable to specific project needs. Our versatile range includes the ultra-compact and lightweight DWS-16co, to the large diameter capacity DWS-102i. The unique DWS-40a and DWS-60a Articulating Diamond Wire Saws are designed for below-the-mudline or low clearance cuts. The ROV models are capable of subsea, deepwater cutting.

All of Mactech’s Diamond Wire Saws are designed to give you maximum cutting range flexibility, the smallest footprint and the reliability you expect from Mactech products.

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