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Cevisa Bevelling Machines

CEVISA designs and manufactures self-feed bevelers for plates and tubes, mainlyused in steel working industries and welding activities.

As a Pioneer in automated bevelers, CEVISA succeeds in manufacturing high performance bevelling machines, reliable and fast to optimize times and costs production. We work tirelessly to develop innovative bevellers to meet requirements for the most demanding sectors.

CEVISA has a proud 50 year history as a global manufacturer, working and growing hand inhand together with our customers.  Thanks to our know-how and our innovative profile,we provide efficient and customized bevelling solutions to any kind of steel sector and specialized distributor.


Standard Bevelling Machines

CEVISA Bevelling Machines CHP 12 INV
CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 7
CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP12

Adjustable Bevelling Machines

CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 12G
CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 21G
CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP21 G INV

Reversible Bevelling Machines

CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 12G REV
CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 21G REV

Deep Thickness Bevelling Machine

CEVISA Bevelling Machine CHP 60G

CEVISA Bevelling Machines | The Benefits

Our priority is to offer our customers efficiency in their productive processes meeting all their requirements. In order to fulfill this promise, we manufacture and supply automated bevellers that enhance productivity, flexibility and profitability saving time and cost (reducing almost 90% welding preparation time!).

Foreach beveling machine we produce, together with our worldwide local experts, we are focused on giving you full-support:

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Training and business support
  •  Immediate availability for spare and replacement parts
  • High precision manufacturing: tested and patented bevellers
  • No maintenance
  • Immediate delivery and a guaranteed response inlessthan 48H, worldwide.
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