Clamshell Lathe PDF’s

Mactech Europe Clamshell Lathes are portable pipe cutting machines for in-situ cutting and bevelling of all pipe sizes from 2 inch to 110 inch OD.

All the cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance is required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe.

The complete range of Clamshell Lathes are available to Buy or Rent

For additional technical information please download the required PDF below.

Clamshell Lathes machine benefits:-

Sever or simultaneous Sever / Bevel saving time and money

Enables cold cutting in hazardous environments

Exceptionally rigid split frame for precise in-situ machining and repeatability

Tool holder accepts standard tool bits

Lightweight and designed for handling in tight workspaces

Air caddy (air filter & Oiler) included with air drive machines

Clamshell Lathes come with the following:-

In-line air, right angle air orhydraulic drive

Air caddy with in-line lubricatorand filter (with air drive)

Complete set of Tool Blocks &Slides

Locator pad set to cover entirerange

All required hand tools

Gang box for machine storage