Diamond Wire Cut-Off Saw 24 Square



10 to 20 inches Square

254 to 508 mm Square

The Mactech 24 inch Square Cut-Off Diamond Wire Saw is designed to work in areas where our larger saws cannot reach and in situations where easy manoeuvrability is possible.

The 24″ cut-off is more lightweight which makes it the ideal saw for quick diver setup.

Subsea projects times often take place in rough conditions and the robust design will help meet those challenges.

Operational Benefits

Get all the capabilities of our larger saws in an affordable and easy to use unit.

  • Cuts pipe, multi-string casing and pilings, even cuts bundled wire
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Cuts round or square structures
  • Robust design allows for continued operation in tough conditions
  • Designed for ultimate versatility and restricted space situations
  • Ideal for smaller projects and quick diver setup
  • Ultra compact and lightweight for quick diver set up
DWS 20″ Square PDF



Diamond Wire Cut-Off Saw 24 Square

10 to 20 inches round

254 to 508 mm round

39 x 48 x 19 inches

991 x 1219 x 483 mm

68 x 51 x 38 inches

1727 x 1295 x 965 mm

320 lbs.

145 kg

950 lbs.

431 kg

DWS 20″ Square PDF
DWS Brochure
Pipe Size Chart
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