Diamond Wire Saw Cutters for subsea and topside cutting of a variety of materials and projects. Ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members.

Typical uses include offshore decommissioning, and subsea or topside maintenance. The compact and robust design creates an ideal cutting environment, reducing setup, installation, and removal time – saving you time and money.

Find the saw you need knowing Mactech Europe Diamond Wire Saw Cutters are easily customised and adaptable to specific project needs. The versatile range includes an ultra- compact and lightweight DWS-16co, to the large diameter capacity DWS-102i.

The unique DWS-40a articulating diamond wire saw is designed for below the mudline or low clearance cuts. ROV compatibility allows for deep water cutting and maintenance.

All of Mactech Europes Diamond Wire Saws are designed to give you maximum cutting range flexibility, small footprint and reliable operation

Key Benefits Include:-

Use for cutting multi-string casing, structures and any large, heavy material.  All models can cut in any orientation.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutters to cut from 4.5 to 102 inch pipe and structures

Rigid Frames makes repeatability and back-cutting easier and more accurate

Powerful drives cut through the toughest steel aggregates, with less hang-ups

Compact and lightweight designs take less deck space and reduces excavation for Below Mud Line cuts

Continuous loop diamond wire resistance brealding, makes multiple cuts with a single wire.  Cuts faster and lasts longer than electroplated / sintered wire.