Esco APS-438-LRC

Esco APS-438-LRC

Esco APS 438LRC Low Radial Clearance Air Powered Saw

The Esco APS 438LRC Low Radial Clearance Air Powered Saw is a highly compact air-powered saw, that is designed for applications with tight space restrictions.

This saw works exclusively with EscoWrap Tracks and requires only 8 inches of clearance around tube, pipe, tank, panel, or pillar cutting applications.

Like the Standard and Low Profile air-powered MILLHOG saws, the APS-438 LRC performs perfectly square cuts, and leaves no heat-affected-zone.

EscoWrap tracks securely clamp to the pipe O.D. and the trolley is attached to it for mounting the saw.

This ultra-stable platform permits the operator to easily move the saw around the circumference to produce a clean, perfectly square cut.

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Esco APS 438LRC Low Radial Clearance Air Powered Saw

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Provides clean, accurate, straight cuts with no heat-affect zone
  • Ergonomic design provides optimum balance of speed and torque
  • Powerful pneumatic motor
  • Ideal for any application requiring straight and accurate cuts
  • Wide variety of accessories make the APS-438 extremely versatile
  • Cuts tough material with ease

Esco APS 438LRC

On-Site 8″ Concrete Lined Pipe Cut

Chromium Carbide Lined Pipe Cut & Bevel


Available Kits


(1) Low radial clearance air motor assembly
(1) Saw chassis with trolley
(1) Wrench set (17 x 22 x 9/16″)
(1) 3/4″ hose w/ filter, oiler & 1/2″ coupler
(1) Carrying case
(1) Operating and maintenance inst.


EscoWrap Track and blades sold separately. See below for sizes and options.

Rental tool kits are setup and packaged to meet your specific job/application. This makes it so your tool is ready to go and only has parts necessary for your job, avoiding confusion and minimizing shipping costs.


Working Range 6.0″ I.D. – 60.0″ O.D.
Blade Series APS
Radial Clearance 6″ With blade fully plunged into tube
Cut Depth 2.375″
Motor Pneumatic
  3 hp
  90 psi
  80 cfm
Blade Speed 5050 rpm
Working Weight 30 lbs
Shipping Weight 70 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 27″ x 15″ x 11″
Working Range 152.4mm I.D. – 1524.0mm O.D.
Blade Series APS
Radial Clearance 152.4mm with blade fully plunged into tube
Cut Depth 60.3mm
Motor Pneumatic
  2237 W
  6.2 bar
  2265 Lt/min
Blade Speed 5050 rpm
Working Weight 13.6 kgs
Shipping Weight 31.8 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 686mm x 381mm x 254mm



Depending on the application, different sized guards can be necessary for safe operation of the APS saws. These guards come with mounting hardware and are installed in minutes. Guards fit all models of APS saws and can be changed based on the cutting blade or space restrictions.


(1) Guard

(1) Screw

(1) Bolt

Guard Part # Size (in) Size (mm)
APS-14A 8.0 203.2
APS-14A-1 8.25 209.6
APS-14B 10.0 254.0
APS-14C 12.0 304.8
APS-14D 14.0 355.6


Wrap tracks are used with the APS-438 LRC or the Universal Pipe Trolley with the APS-438 and APS-438 LP on cylindrical structures such as tube, pipe and tanks from 6.0” (1.8m) – 60.0” (18.3m). Track is easy to setup and can be adjusted/tightened for pipe with varying dimensions. Trolley’s for all saws can also be fine-tuned for smooth motion and firm mounting.


(1) EscoWrap Track complete


Cut line indicators are not included and depend on saw model…
APS-438 and APS-438 LP cut-line indicator: APS-221
APS-438 LRC cut-line indicator: APS-221A

Wrap Track Part # Size (in) Size (mm) Wrap Track Part # Size (in) Size (mm)
EW-06 6.0 152.4 EW-34 34.0 863.6
EW-08 8.0 203.2 EW-36 36.0 914.4
EW-10 10.0 254.0 EW-38 38.0 965.2
EW-12 12.0 304.8 EW-40 40.0 1016.0
EW-14 14.0 355.6 EW-42 42.0 1066.8
EW-16 16.0 406.4 EW-44 44.0 1117.6
EW-18 18.0 457.2 EW-46 46.0 1168.4
EW-20 20.0 508.0 EW-48 48.0 1219.2
EW-22 22.0 558.8 EW-50 50.0 1270.0
EW-24 24.0 609.6 EW-52 52.0 1320.8
EW-26 26.0 660.4 EW-54 54.0 1371.6
EW-28 28.0 711.2 EW-56 56.0 1422.4
EW-30 30.0 762.0 EW-58 58.0 1473.2
EW-32 32.0 812.8 EW-60 60.0 1523.0









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