Qu'est-ce que le revêtement de bride ?

A Basic Guide to Understanding Flange Facing. What is Flange Facing Flange facing is an essential machining operation that creates new, perfectly flat, and parallel coupling surfaces on the flanges of pipes, valves, and other equipment, ensuring a tight and secure seal when reassembled. This process is accomplished using a special tool called a flange […]

Que sont les tours à benne preneuse ?

What Are Clamshell Lathes? Clamshell lathes are portable machines designed to cut and bevel pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical objects. These machines consist of two clamshell halves that are hinged together. When closed, they create a cylindrical cutting surface that rotates around the pipe. The cutting tool is mounted on the inside of the clamshell […]

Avantages de l'utilisation d'une machine à dresser les brides manuelles

The benefits of using a Manual Flange Facing Machine: Versatility: A manual flange facing machine can handle a wide range of flange sizes and types, making it suitable for various applications in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and marine engineering. Precision: The machine’s cutting tools allow for precise and accurate machining of […]

Machine de revêtement de trou d'homme elliptique

Mactech’s Elliptical Manway Facing Machine restores elliptical sealing faces to new condition, eliminating the need for replacement. Corroded, pitted and leaking gasket surfaces can be fully restored with this easy to set up and operate tool. Single point tooling provides a gasket-ready phono-finish. The Elliptical Manway Facing Machine is available as a machine package, which […]