Internal Diameter Pipe Sever

Mactech Europe’s new and innovative internal diameter (I.D) pipe sever machine reliably cuts casing, pilings and other round, hollow tube from the inside diameter.

Cutting below the mud line (BML) is made safe and efficient with this unique tool.

The internal diameter (I.D) pipe sever machine requires no external dredging or digging.

Simply lower the I.D. pipe sever machine into the tube, activate the self-centering mechanism and begin your cut.

Mactech Europe ID Sever Machine

Portable Milling Machines

I.D. Sever Machine | 33 to 60 inch PDF
I.D. Sever Machine | 18 to 27 inch PDF
Pipe Size Chart

Internal Diameter Pipe Sever & Milling Machine

  • Cut pilings & casings below the mud line, no external dredging required
  • Standard 17″ and 23″ ID, 18″ and 24″ OD, 33″ and 60″ OD pipe cutting.
  • Can be configured to a wide range of diameters using locator extensions.
  • Self-centring makes set-up quick and easy.
  • Uses standard 1 inch end mill.
  • Optional viewing camera for monitoring or visual inspection
  • Water jet adaptable