Axial Feed Lc Clalmshell lathes

Mactech’s Axial Feed Tool Slide is an attachment for our popular and reliable Clamshell Portable Lathes. The Axial Feed tool Slide is designed for machining along the length of round pipes, tubes or shafts. It is ideally suited for removing weld overlay and can also perform precise machining operations. The Axial Feed Tool Slide can be installed on all Mactech LC, US and USS Clamshell Lathes.

The Axial Feed Weld Overlay Removal Module mounts on the face of the clamshell and advances axially as the gear rotates, removing material from the O.D. of the pipe joint. The optional contour roller guide allows the cutting head to follow either out of round piping or the side of misaligned joints. Three adjustable screws adjust the cutting pattern of the shape of pipe or nozzle and the floating wheels keep the tool bit at constant pressure and position.

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