Dead Man’s Handle

Dead Man's Handle from Mactech Europe

Mactech Europe Ltd’s Dead Man’s Handle is the ideal product for reducing accidents and ensuring the safety of machine operators.

This two-handed start ‘dead man’s handle’ is compatible with all pneumatically operated on-site machining equipment, making this simple to use but effective piece of safety equipment a must have accessory to compliment any on-site machine tool.

To operate, it is necessary to turn a switch with one hand and simultaneously press a button with the other. As both hands are required to activate the dead man’s handle the operator is clear of the rotating parts of the machinery, eliminating any possibility of entrapment.

Once the machine is running, the dead man’s handle uses a single button press to free up the other hand, so the user can apply cutting oil (etc.). Once this button is released the machine will stop instantaneously and will not start again until the above procedure is carried out.

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