Dictator XL

The Mactech Europe Dictator XL has been introduced to extend the range of pipe sizes covered by the standard Dictator End Prep Machine.

Dictator XL is available as a new machine or as a conversion of an existing one. The range of the Dictator XL allows the machining of up to 24” pipe as opposed to the 20” of the standard machine. The Dictator XL has a larger diameter faceplate fitted to reach the larger pipe sizes. It is envisaged that the Faceplate will be fitted by Mactech either to a new Dictator or a customers’ existing Dictator. The other additional components are bolt on and comprise a Mandrel End Cap which is fitted with internal keys and 2 additional Actuators to cover the size range. The standard Dictator Draw Rod is used with these actuators.

The Mandrel Cap effectively moves out the tapered slideways of the standard machine to a larger diameter and the original proven Dictator Clamp Pads and Ribs are utilised for the Dictator XL.

If required the Mandrel End Cap can be removed so that the machine can be used on the smaller diameters of pipe even with the XL Faceplate still in place.