Mactech LDFM 5000 Facing Machine

Flange Facing LDFM5000 from Mactech Europw

The MacTech LDFM 5000 Facing Machine is designed for on-site precision grinding, single point, mitering and rotary milling capabilitities on large diameter flanges. Adjustable mounting legs secure the machine to the inside diameter of the workpiece.Features include mechanical feed from multiple ramps and variable speed in radial and axial planes.Optional tool holders, milling heads and motors are available.

Key Features Include:-

  • Mechanical feed from multiple ramps
  • Variable speed axial and radial feed
  • Hydraulic powered or manual axial feed
  • Milling and beveling capabilities
  • Optional tool blocks and slides available
  • Adaptable mounting configurations

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Technical Data

Hydraulic Power Supply Requirements:

  • Drive: 1-5 gpm, 1500 psi (4-19 lpm, 103 bar)
  • Feed: 10-15 gpm, 1500 psi (38-57 lpm, 103 bar)
  • Operating Weight: 5300 lbs (2404kg)

Shipping Weights and Crate Dimensions:

  • Locator Set: 3400 lbs (1542kg); Crate Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 31 inches (2438 x 1219 x 787mm)
  • Main Head: 2700 lbs (1225kg); Crate Dimensions: 107 x 46 x 32 inches (2718 x 1168 x 813mm)
  • Arms: 1970 lbs (894kg); Crate Dimensions: 184 x 30 x 21 inches (4674 x 762 x 533mm)