Silk AX1445 Flange Facing Machine

Flange Facing MTF1445 from Mactech Europe

The Silk AX1445 Flange Facing Machine is a lightweight, portable, flange facing, grooving and weld preparation machine designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges from 355mm-1140mm (14”-45”)

Typical Applications

  • Lens Ring Seat Cutting and Polishing
  • ‘V’ Groove Cutting
  • Tube Sheet Machining

Silk AX1445 Flange Facing Machine Features

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Machine shop accuracy
  • Operates in any position
  • Full toolkit and operators manual
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Fitted transportable case
  • With kits supplied, will cut “V” grooves, lense ring seats and other profiles

Silk AX1445 Flange Facing Machine is constructed, as is the rest of the range, from the highest quality materials. It is designed to give machine shop accuracy, combined with ease of handling and portability, in the flange range of 355mm (14”) to 1140mm (45”). The machine consists of four main assemblies:


The mounting bases for the machine are supplied in two sizes to ensure maximum stability throughout the machining range. The bases are set up using the clocking tower bar supplied, to centralise and level the base exactly. A base is adjusted parallel to the flange by four micro precision pads. It has a detachable locating spigot fitting into a hardened bush, ensuring the machine is positioned as accurately as the base is set.

Drive Hub

A 2.61kw (3.5hp) air motor is contained within the drive hub, giving plenty of power to tackle welds, bolt holes and more exotic materials such as stainless steels. The machine is surprisingly quiet, as the exhaust is vented down the bore and muffled by its body.

Drive Gearbox

The versatility of this machine is a direct result of the use of the Silk 4-speed gearbox. This allows the machine to feed in or out to give a continuous spiral finish.

Adjustable Arm and Toolpost

Sliding in a dovetail clamp enables the surfacing arm to be positioned to suit the flange, or any obstructions around it. The arm is clamped on the dovetail and pressed down onto hardened pads to maintain accuracy. The swivel toolpost can be tilted for weld preparation, grooving or special applications.

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