Silk AX024 Portable Flange Facing Machine

Silk AX024 Portable Flange Facing Machine is constructed from the highest quality materials. It is designed to give machine shop accuracy combined with portability and ease of handling for work on flanges from 0-603mm (0-23″) diameter and also does grooving.  The Silk AX024 Portable Flange Facing Machine machine consists of three modules:

Base Ring Assembly:

Eight separate adjustable clamp blocks are provided. These can be positioned on the base ring to suit the size of flange being machined.  The arrangement enables the machine to be locked in position and centered relative to the flange using adjustable screws on the clamp blocks.

Drive Ring:

The drive ring module incorporating the bearing assembly provides the drive for the saddle via a worm, worm wheel, and internal gear arrangement. Power driving the machine is provided by two 1.55 hp pneumatic power units mounted on the drive ring.


The saddle is mounted on the drive ring and bearing assembly and provides a rigid structure to which the toolpost is fixed. With drive provided through the drive ring internal gear arrangement and saddle pick-up gear, the saddle and support bearings rotate around the internal gear in a planetary motion.

Toolpost traverse in and out is provided by a lead screw driven by tile saddle gear train. Traverse is selected by a traverse selector.

The machine can achieve cuts to a maximum of 1mm (0.39″) without flanged holes and 0.5mm (0.020″) with flanged holes. Alternative tool posts can be fitted to the saddle depending on the machine application.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.