Silk AX2872 Flange Facing Machine

Flange Facing MTF2872 from Mactech Europe

The Silk AX2872 Flange Facing Machine is a lightweight, portable, flange facing, grooving and weld preparation machine designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges from 711mm-1829mm (28”-72”)

Typical Silk AX2872 Flange Facing Machine Applications

  • Tube Sheet Machining
  • Recessed Gasket Grooves
  • Hub Profiles


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Bore mounted
  • Operates in any position
  • Cuts “O” ring grooves, vertical grooves, “V” grooves, lens ring seats and weld preparations
  • Achieves finishes from 1.6µm Ra to 6.3 µm (63CLA to 250CLA)
  • ‘Gramophone’ finish when turning and 0.8µm Ra to 1.6µm (32CLA to 63CLA) when polishing
  • Pneumatic drive permits use in hazardous areas
  • Fitted transportable case

The Silk AX2872 Flange Facing Machine is constructed, as is the rest of the range, from the highest quality materials. It is designed to give machine shop accuracy, combined with ease of handling and portability, in the flange range of 711mm (28”) to 1829mm (72”). Spur gears engage directly on the drive ring, keeping power requirements and losses to a minimum and allowing maximum torque at the cutting tool.

Mounting Base

The mounting assembly enables the machine to be installed in the centre of any flange from 711mm (28”) to 1829mm (72”) in diameter. It consists of a cruciform body provided with four adjustable clamping jaw assemblies. The mounting base is installed and aligned prior to the turntable installation.

Turntable Assembly

This provides a rigid support for the air motors, gearbox and surfacing assembly. The upper part of the assembly provides the rotational movement for surfacing, whilst the lower part remains stationary, held in position by the mounting base assembly.

Drive Arrangement

This machine is driven by two pneumatic motor units, mounted directly into the ring gear, which in turn is mounted on the main bearing. The use of two motors enables the overall machine height to be reduced, evens out the torque and also acts as a backlash eliminator and cushion drive.

Feed Gearbox

The drive gearbox is mounted on the turntable assembly providing a variety of cutting feeds for different applications.  Drive input to the gearbox is derived from the mast transfer gear. The gearbox provides four different feed rates selected by a push/pull selector. Traverse is also engaged by a push/pull selector, which gives traverse IN, traverse OUT and neutral. The neutral N position is used for manually positioning the toolpost.

Cutting Arm Assembly

This is mounted on the turntable assembly and provides a rigid structure to which the toolpost is fixed.  Feed in and out is provided by a lead screw, driven by the gearbox output gear. Feed rate is selected at the gearbox. Material, tooling and conditions permitting, the cutting arm assembly can achieve cuts to a maximum depth of 2mm (0.079”) without flange holes and 0.5mm (0.02”) with flange holes.

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Silk AX2872 Flange Facing Machine Technical Data


Principal dimensions:

  • Machine height 534mm (21“)
  • Mounting base thickness 157mm (65/8”)
  • Minimum mounting base diameter 660mm (26”)
  • Minimum rotational diameter 1300mm (51”)
  • Toolpost travel standard 40mm (19/16)
  • Toolpost travel optional 100mm (4”)
  • Toolpost reach optional 130mm (53/16”)


  • Machine weight (less base) 214kg (470lbs)
  • Bass weight (minimum diameter) 87kg (191lbs)
  • Bass weight (minimum diameter) 128kg (282lbs)
  • Nett weight (less wooden case) 486kg (1069lbs)
  • Total shipping weight 552kg (1412lbs)

Transportable Wooden Case Dimensions:

  • Length 1400mm (55½”)
  • Height 650mm (255/8”)
  • Width 840mm 331/8”)

General Information:

  • Power Output 30kw (4hp)
  • Gripping range
  • Minimum recommended bore 711mm (28”)
  • Maximum recommended bore 1727mm (68”)

Facing Range:

  • Minimum diameter 259mm (10”)
  • Maximum recommended diameter 1829mm (72”)
  • Depth of flange required to set the base using standard parts 259mm (10”)
  • Final rotational speed 20rpm
  • Drive Motors (2 off): 2.61kw (3.5hp)
  • Recommended air supply requirements 6 bar 2.69m2/min (90psi 95cfm)
  • Drive motor output speed 275rpm