Silk AX48120 Flange Facing Machine

Silk AX48120 Flange Facing Machine

Silk AX48120 Flange Facing Machine is constructed from the highest quality materials. It is designed to give machine shop accuracy combined with portability and ease of handling for the on-site machining of flanges from 48” to 120” (1219mm to 3,048mm).

The Silk AX48120 Flange Facing Machine consists of four main modules:

  1. The Mounting Base is an eight-ram radial clamping chuck. Adjustable clamping jaws on four of the rams are adjusted by an integral rack and pinion arrangement, operating in a similar fashion to a conventional four-jaw chuck. Sectional box lengths bolt together for the appropriate I.D. arrangement.
  2. The Turntable provides a rigid support for the slide arm and incorporates two pneumatic motors and a right angle feed gearbox. It bolts directly to the base after the base model has been levelled and radially positioned. Using the two pneumatic motors enables the torque to be evened out and also acts as a backlash eliminator. Air input to the motor units is via the centre hub manifold.
  3. The Cutting Arm, mounted to the turntable, provides a rigid structure to which the toolpost is secured. Feed in and out is provided by a leadscrew, driven by the gearbox pick-up gear. Feed is selected at the gearbox. The cutting arms assembly permits cuts to a maximum depth of 0.079” (0.5mm) with flange holes. A variety of tools can be fitted to the toolpost according to the finish and cut required.
  4. The Drive Gearbox is mounted to the turntable and provides a variety of cutting feeds for different machining applications. Drive input to the gearbox is derived from the hub transfer gear. Four feed rates can be selected by means of a push/pull selector with three positions, traverse IN, traverse OUT and neutral (N).

Optional Accessories:

  • Tube Sheet Mounting Kit
  • Tube Sheet Back Facing Kit
  • O.D. Mounting Kit
  • Orbital Mounting Kit

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