Silk FXB630 Flange Facing Machine

Silk FXB630 Flange Facing Machine

The Silk FXB630 Flange Facing Machine is a lightweight, portable, flange facing, grooving and weld-prep machine designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges in the 153mm- 762mm (6” to 30”) diameter range.

The Silk FXB630 Flange Facing Machine, as all other machines in the range, is constructed from the highest quality materials and will give machine shop accuracy. It consists of the four main assemblies.  Driven by a 1.7kW (2.3hp) pneumatic motor, this machine is a true workhorse. Additional versatility is offered by the dovetail slide mounted tool post, which may be swivelled when machining V grooves.

Base Assembly

Three separate, hard anodised cast aluminium bases with steel threaded inserts, and adjustable feet enable the machine to be Installed perfectly level and central in any flange from 153rnm (6″) to 762mrn (30″) in diameter.  ach assembly consists of a flat triangular casting with a radius across each corner, a hole is tapped into these corners along with one on each flat side which enable the bares to be centralised into a variety of bore sizes. Setting straps are also provided to help in the original positioning of the base to the correct depth.

Drive Hub Assembly

The machine Is driven by a I.2kw (1.55hp) pneumatic motor mounted directly to the drive hub assembly. This hub provides the drive input to the gearbox and provides a ridged support for the surfacing arm. The whole hub assembly casting is powder coated after machining for a knock resistant finish.

Drive Gearbox

This is mounted directly to the drive hub assembly and with the use of either leadscrew provided gives specific surface finishes,  Traverse is selected by a
push/pull rod, which selects traverse IN, traverse OUT and a neutral N position, which is used for manually positioning the tool.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.