Line Boring Machines

Line Boring

Mactech Europe has introduced new Line Boring Machines to meet the maintenance requirements for excavators and quarrying equipment in general.

There are many other line boring applications where this line boring machine could be utilised, therefore making it one of the most versatile machines available in the on-site machining business.

Main elements to Line Boring Machines

  • The Boring Bar, is available in various lengths from 36 inches (900mm) up to 96 inches (2438mm).
  • The mounting and spherical bearing kit with drive collars.
  • The drive gearbox with a choice of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive motors.
  • The variable feed gearbox with a 24 inch (610mm) lead screw assembly.
  • It takes only minutes to set-up the machine using the standard set-up clones.
  • Feed rate is widely adjustable.
  • Depth of cut is adjustable by manually positioning the tool in the holder.
  • Bar speed can vary between 0 and 96 RPM, dependant on type of power source being utilised.
  • Tooling can be either high speed steel or carbide tipped and is dependent on feed rate, bar speed, bore diameter and work piece material.

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Please view the data sheets below for additional information on each machine.