Magbase Drilling Machine MD40 and MDS40

MD40 and MDS40 Twin Rail Slide System

This perfected innovative design is the result of conscious and consistent research and development with built-in safety features as standard on all machines. Magbroach machines are built to the highest standard with High-Tech electro-magnetic bases, the most powerful motor units made in Germany which have been specially adapted for our needs plus PCB Control boards with built in interlinked safety features unique to the machines.

Main Advantages over other brand Machines that are using Dovetail Systems

  • T.R.S.S. Maximises slide stability.
  • Upto 10 times better stability than dovetail systems.
  • Slide has no contact with main body of machine.
  • Reduced friction less wear.
  • Low maintenance better reliability
  • Reduced cutter breakages due to better slide stability.
  • Improved cutter life.
  • Better tolerance achievable.
  • Improved hole quality.
  • Upto 110mm cutting depth with cutters with small machine.

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