C-Hog Millhog Electric & Battery

Chog Millgog Electric and Bettery from Mactech Europe

The C-Hog Millhog Electric Powered Pipe and Tube Beveling Tool offers the same capabilities for end prepping pipe and tube as the pneumatic version only with the convenience of plugging into standard electric outlets.

The C-Hog uses Clamping Saddles that firmly attach to the Pipe or Tube o.d. This rigid clamp design keeps chatter and vibration to a minimum and allows the tool’s cutting blade to get under the material; pull a thick chip and end prep the hardest alloys quickly.

Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety and ease of use, the C-Hog’s attached ratchet feed wrench lets the operator comfortably feed the tool as it preps the end, prep after prep-after-prep all day long with a minimum of fatigue. The C-hog is well suited for small bore heavy wall tubes with a high percentage of chrome, stainless steel, and other hard alloys. It accommodates large boring blades and combinations of blades to bevel, face and bore.

Standard and custom blades are offered in a wide variety of angles and sizes and are firmly secured by the EscoLock wedge style blade locking system. No cutting lubricants are necessary.

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