Commander C-314 Millhog

The Commander C-314 Millhog pipe beveling tool is an excellent choice for end prepping all types of pipe alloy in the shop or on the jobsite. Oversize dual opposed tapered roller bearings combined with its sturdy gear drive give it the stability to perform compound end preps with formed tool bits on pipe wall thickness in excess of 1.500in.

Bevels heavy wall pipe and tube, pulls a thick chip without cutting oils

Key Features

  • Only (7) sets of clamps to cover entire range.
  • One mandrel covers entire range
  • Ultra stable clamp ribs and pads secure to pipe I.D. for chatter free end preps on thin and heavy wall pipe.
  • Portable pneumatically powered end prep tool.
  • 3 h.p. motor that develops over 2,000 ft. lbs. of torque at the cutting bit, and optional
  • Right Angle Drive doubles torque.
  • Right Angle Drive is interchangeable with the ‘Dictator’
  • Ultra rugged gear and dual opposed tapered bearing set-up delivers a low maintenance tool designed for years of trouble free service.
  • Fully portable for on-site use.
  • Available for sale or rent.

Built for Performance

The Commander C-314 Millhog model C-314 is one of the new breed of end prep tools developed for end prepping all schedules of pipe from 3.75″ I.D. to 14″ O.D. The C-314 features a state of the art I.D. clamping system that spreads the contact points of the clamps radially inside the I.D. of the pipe and minimizes vibration for chatter free end preps on both thin and heavy wall pipe.

Powerful and versatile, the torque at the cutting blade for the C-314 can be doubled with the addition of the torque multiplying Right Angle Drive. This drive easily bolts on and lets you mount the motor in numerous positions.

Stable, smooth rotation of the cutterhead on all schedules and sizes of pipe to 14″ O.D. is accomplished with dual opposed tapered roller bearings that are easily adjusted when necessary, and never wear out. The Commander Millhog model C-314 is simple to operate and designed for years of trouble free performance.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.