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MillHog Air Clamp

Ideal for Tube Fabrication Facilities, Millhog Accessories and Production End Prep Tools equipped with the ‘Air Clamp’ have increased production by more than 300%!

Key Features

  • Locks tool instantly to tube I.D.
  • Disengages immediately with the flip of a switch
  • Significantly decreases cycle time between end preps.
  • Ideal for boiler tube component fabrication
  • Bevel face and bore in one operation
  • Ultra stable draw rod actuated clamping system.
  • Rugged braided hose to control air flow.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Retrofits to existing Millhog® end prep tools.
  • ‘Lock blade’ locking system delivers superior blade performance .

Tool Applications

  • Boiler tube panel fabrication
  • Tube sheet seal weld removal
  • Tube sheet end facing
  • End prep large numbers of consistent size tube and pipe

Production Increases Over 300 %

The Millhog® ‘Air Clamp’ is designed for shop use when cycle time between end preps needs to be minimized. A side by side comparison shows that end prep production can increase by more than 300% using the ‘Air Clamp’ when compared to a manually actuated clamping system.

The ‘Air Clamp’ instantly locks the tool to the pipe or tube I.D. and holds it securely in place while performing the end prep. When done, removing the tool from the work is simple, simply reverse the valve and the clamps disengage automatically, releasing the tool from the tube I.D. immediately.

Easy to install, the ‘Air Clamp’ can be fitted to an existing ‘Wart’, ‘Ground’, and ‘Tube Weasel’ Millhog® in minutes, and requires no special tools of training.

Ideal for Tube Fabrication Facilities…

Built for production, the ‘Air Clamp’ series Millhogs are ideal for tube fabrication shops that do large numbers of end preps on tube and pipe of consistent size.

Operators will like the quick action of the ‘Air Clamp’. This simple innovation is easy to use, increases production, and minimizes operator fatigue by eliminating the tedious and time consuming task of manual clamping.

Designed to last, ‘Air Clamp’ Millhogs are built on the reliable Millhog® dual opposed, bearing supported gear drive system that has performed millions of end preps on all types of tube and pipe alloys, proving itself to be second to none for durability and performance.

‘Air Clamp’ Millhogs also feature the ‘Lock’ blade locking system that holds the cutting blade so rigidly that Millhogs are capable of producing 2-3 more end preps per blade and in less time than competitive tools. This helps make the ‘Air Clamp’ Millhogs the fastest and most cost efficient end prep tools you can use in a production application.

This optional attachment easily bolts to the Prepzilla and is easy to use. It permits flange facing, grooving for couplings and torched end severing.

  • Bolt action engaging star wheel tripper
  • Automatic sever insert feed
  • Quickly severs torched ends with up to 1.5″ wall
  • Efficiently bevels fresh pipe and tube ends
  • Single point allows preps on heavy wall with compound angles

Similar Flange facing attachments for refacing raised face flanges are available for all Millhog end prep lathes.

Special order accessories include:-

  • Short perch mandrels
  • Collett mandrels for thin wall tubing
  • ‘Fish mouth’ attachments to create dished prep pipe ends
  • Limited access feed control
  • O.D. clamp cages
  • I.D. Tracking tool slides
  • Auto-lock and auto feed mandrels

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