Mini Millhog

The Mini MillHog end prep tools rigidly mount to the pipe or tube ID by a draw rod clamping assembly which centres the tool automatically to produce a clean bevel with a square end.  This tool cuts heavy wall pipe or tube.

Fast, chatter-free and easy to use….

Key Features

  • Tool rigidly mounts to pipe or tube l.D.
  • Single gear drive system for optimum performance
  • One mandrel covers majority of the cutting range
  • Cutter blade locking design eliminates chatter
  • Cutter blades index easily for proper set up
  • Pneumatically powered with torque-free operation
  • Removes tube stub welds and prepares the header
  • Automatically squares off the end of pipe or tube
  • Produces clean, continuous chip without cutting oils
  • Lightweight and simple to operate without special training

Rugged, Fast and Reliable

MILLHOG Mini Series end prep tools are the most ruggedly built and efficiently designed tools available today for milling heavy wall pipe and tube from 1.25″ I.D. to 6.625″ O.D. Rigidly mounting to the l.D. by a draw rod clamping assembly which centers the tool automatically, they utilise a ratchet mechanism for feeding the cutter head. Featuring titanium nitride coated cutter blades for smooth milling, without requiring cutting oils; they produce a clean, continuous chip and square off the end of the pipe or tube.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.