The PBM-24 machine is the largest in the series of PBM machines. The PBM-24 is supplied as standard with an electrically operated feed and electrically operated clamping. The insert holders which are available with this machine are produced with hard metal inserts with a cutting length of 45mm. Thanks to the robust construction of the machine, a feed rate of 0.4mm per revolution is no problem (and this with a cutting length of 45mm).

Producing end preparations is done in seconds

Output is an important factor in the choice of a machine. In the case of the PBM machines this is a factor which can be established easily.

Multifunctional Control Panel

The control panel is provided with the following functions:

  • Start Machine
  • Stop Machine
  • Cooling pump on/off
  • Pulse Action Tool Head
  • Rapid Action Feed Left
  • Rapid Action Feed Right
  • Start Feed
  • Feed Rate Regulator
  • Protection Cover open/closed (pneumatic)

Electrically Operated Prism Clamping

The PBM-24 machine is provided with an electrically operated prism clamp with adjustable clamping pressure. Pressing the knob causes the clamp to open and close. The operating panel is located on the side of the clamp. There is an indicator lamp on the control panel which lights up when the pipe is clamped at the maximum adjusted clamping pressure.

Infinitely Adjustable Feed

The standard electrically operated feed is infinitely adjustable by means of a rotary knob. This knob is located on the control panel. The feed can thus be regulated very easily and efficiently.

Tool Set for the PBM-24 Machine

A special tool set has been developed for the PBM-24 machine. This tool set consists of 2 double inser tholders and 2 single insert holders. This set is adjusted once and it is then possible, without further adjustment of the insert holders, to machine all sizes of pipe within the range of the machine.

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*The clamping and turning range can if necessary be reduced by means of special insert jaws (optional). **Further options are automatic clamping, automatic feed and so-called mist cooling system. ***By processing the pipe several times, the wall thickness becomes unlimited. ****Other voltages on demand.