Prepzilla Millhog

Prepzilla Millhog from Mactech Europe

Establishing a new standard for all other tools of its type on the market, this tool is powerful, smooth and quiet.  It cuts heavy wall pipe and tube, producing a heavy chip wiith no cutting oils, resulting in perfect end preps.

Key Features

  • Only (8) sets of clamps to cover entire range
  • One mandrel covers entire range
  • Single point attachment allows preps on all wall thicknesses at any angle
  • Optional cross feed for flange facing, pipe grooving and severing
  • EscoLock blade locking system for maximum blade life
  • Dual opposed tapered roller bearings deliver rock solid performance Heavy duty clamping system does not break
  • Directional exhaust Low R.P.M. with tremendous torque
  • Produces thick chips on all highly alloyed tube and pipe, without cutting fluids

Cross Feed Attachment

This optional attachment easily bolts to the Prepzilla and is easy to use and it:

  • permits flange facing, grooving for couplings and torched end severing
  • Quickly mounts and aligns beyond HAZ
  • Bolt action engaging star wheel tripper Automatic sever insert feed
  • Quickly severs torched ends with up to 1.5″ wall efficiently bevels fresh pipe and tube ends
  • Single point allows preps on heavy wall with compound angles
  • Often eliminates the need for costly clam shell type tools
  • Covers the range of three clam shells for less than the cost of one

High Performance, Low Maintenance

Like all other MILLHOGS, high performance and low maintenance were important design criteria for the Prepzilla MILLHOG. This tool is suitable for prepping any type of tube material including T-22 which has a high percentage of chrome and uses one mandrel to cover the full operating range of the tool.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.