Tube Fin Removal Cutting Tool

The Tube Fin Removal Cutting Tool removes 4in of spiral fin from the tube O.D. in just a couple of minutes.  The important things to note when ordering are the tube O.D. and the direction of the fin rotation. Think of it as a bolt, which way would a nut thread on, left handed or right handed?

The Fin Removal tool has an aggressive rack and pinion feed that allows the Fin Removal Head to rapidly travel 4in and it uses H series Clamp Ribs.

Easy to operate, the Fin Tube removal Tool does it all.  Once it is clamped into the tube I.D. and you engage the throttle, the fin removal head rotates, is fed into the fin, and efficiently cuts the bond between the fin and the bond.  Built tough, the cutter blade is made from high grade tool steel that can be resharpened, while a heavy-duty rack and pinion feed mechanism assures smooth operation, without the nee for cutting fluid.

Key Features:

  • ​Removes 4inches of fin in under two minutes
  • Pneumatically powered with no reaction torque to the operator
  • High grade tool blade can be resharpened
  • Smooth operation for greater fin removal control
  • works in any position to separate the fin from tube
  • Easy to operate no cutting lubricants required
  • Saves time by eliminating chipping and grinding

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