Tube Weasel Millhog Electric & Battery

The Tube Weasel MILLHOG Electric beveling tool offers all the benefits of the pneumatic version for end prepping all boiler tube materials and is only 2.625in wide for accessing single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall (Dutchman).

The rugged gear drive is the same one we use in the Wart MILLHOG® and driven by a 110v or 220v 950 watt electric motor for convenient plug in power.

Key features

  • Compact low maintenance end prep tool Patented push-pull clamping and release system
  • Rigidly mounts to tube i.d., easy to release
  • Self centering torque free operation
  • Permanently attached clamps and wrenches
  • Sealed construction allows use in any orientation
  • Produces a smooth continuous chip
  • Performs any angle of bevel
  • Steel housing with integral radial-thrust ball bearing
  • Chatter free blade locking system
  • Uses TiN and Hard Lube coated cutter blades.

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