Tube Weasel Millhog

Tube Weasel Millhog from Mactech Europe

Agile enough to fit between small diameter boiler tubes, this rugged high-tech tool performs end preps on all types of hard alloys quickly and efficiently. The Tube Weasel fits a Dutchman window for single tube end prep work and its totally sealed construction allows it to be used in any orientation. Most importantly, the holding clamps are designed to stay on the mandrel and not fall down the tubes.

Key Features

  • Right angle tool rigidly mounts to tube I.D.
  • Sealed construction allow use in any orientation
  • Fits a Dutchman and handles hard alloys
  • Clamping system is self-centering and easy to use
  • EscoLock blade lock system securely holds cutting blades
  • Chatter-free end preps produce thick continuous chip
  • Torque-free operation with TiN coated cutting bits
  • Requires only (25 cfm), 708 lt./min air flow
  • Gear head design has performed millions of end preps
  • Field proven and simple to operate and maintain

Provides Superior Value and Performance

The Tube Weasel MILLHOG is a lean, extremely durable tool that performs end preps on all boiler tube alloys quickly and efficiently. Featuring a right angle gear head drive system which incorporates dual opposed tapered roller bearings, this compact tool provides a big bite with a small appetite because it requires only (25 cfm), 708 It./min of air to pull a heavy continuous chip.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.