Wart Millhog

Wart Millhog from Mactech Europe

Simple to operate the Wart MillHog uses one mandrel for the vast majority of job. All you have to do is measure the tube ID select the correct ribs and/or pads and install them on the mandrel.  Because they self-align, thats all there is to it.  Now insert the mandrel in to the tube ID expand the clamp ribs and/or pads and perform your end preps in seconds – simple.

Built for boilermakers, handles hard alloys and fits between tubes for single tube removal.

Key Features

  • A heavy duty ratchet wrench and knurled knob allows easy clamping and is perfect for limited access areas
  • Mounts rigidly to produce a clean, continuous chip
  • Requires no cutting lubricant
  • Simultaneously bevels, faces and bores
  • Sealed construction allows use in any orientation
  • Produces a smooth, continuous chip
  • Lightweight and requires no special training
  • Efficient chatter-free cutter blade locking design
  • Torque-free operation prevents operator fatigue
  • Low maintenance, compact, air-powered tool

Engineered for High Volume Use

The Wart MILLHOG is a right angle, I.D. clamping end prep tool that features an efficient, low-maintenance design incorporating dual opposed, tapered roller bearings. This makes the Wart rigid, stable and extremely durable. Built for boilermakers, there are no bushings to wear out and the sealed mandrel prevents debris from getting inside the tool, allowing it to be used in any orientation. What’s more, the compact design requires a minimum of 2-5/8″ to fit between tubes.

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Additional technical data can be found in the PDF document below.