Mactech BB2250 Boring Bar

Mactech Europe Line Boring Machines BB2250
BB2250 Boring Bar
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This tough and durable 2 ¼” Portable Boring Bar adds versatility whilst saving both time and money repairing diggers, earthmoving and heavy duty quarry equipment in-situ.

Available to rent or purchase from stock at short notice

Features & Benefits of BB2250 Boring Bar

  • Quick and extremely easy to set up for immediate use!
  • The BB 2250 high torque gear drive equals more cutting power.
  • Reliable and strong feed box arrangement.
  • Covers a wide range of applications and sizes.
  • Precision chromed boring bars
  • Bore Weld from the same set-up
  • Small Diameter Bore Kit
  • Hydraulic Electric or Pneumatic Drive
  • Boring Capacity to 16” +
  • Facing Capacity to 18” +

Mactech BB2250 Line Boring Bar

  • The Mactech BB2250 Boring Bar is a complete system designed to machine bores 2-1/2 to 16 inches inside diameter.
  • The BB2250 system includes all components required for a basic ID machining setup.
  • Air, hydraulic or electric drives are available.
  • A complete system for on-site bore repair is available, which includes the boring bar package and bore welder.
  • Boring bars are available in several standard lengths, up to 144 inches.
  • The BB2250 accepts standard 1/2 inch square tooling.
  • A variety of bearing supports, alignment cones, and extended tool holders are offered by Mactech. Contact Mactech sales for a complete listing of accessories and options.
Mactech Europe BB2250 Boring Bar

Additional Information

Drive Unit Right angle worm gear drive with 6:1 reduction ratio
Electric 1.9 HP (110V or 220V) standard 10-80 RPM High Torque Model 5-40 RPM
Pneumatic  3.5 HP; 0-80 RPM
Hydraulic Varies by motor and pump selections
Feed Unit Infinitely variable .000-.015” per revolution. Bidirectional and adjustable during operation Manual crank allows rapid reset
Travel 12”-30” with 18”, 24” or 36” feedscrews
Tool Holders High grade alloy steel accepting ½”
Tooling for rigid and aggressive cutting
Facing Arm attachments available
  • Split aluminum cone sets are standard
    Self aligning spherical bearings with adjustable mounting bracets for ease of set up
  • 2 ¼” precision chromed bars broached every 6” for toolset 
  • Standard bar length: 4’, 6’ and 8’ any length is available
  • Double broach option: allows for precision bore measurement with the bar left in place
  • 1 ¼” Small diameter precision chromed and keyed bars available
  • Standard bar length 4’, 6’ and 8’ any length is available

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