Mactech Europe Portable 3 Aixs Linear Milling Machines
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Mactech Europe Linear Milling Machine

The Mactech Europe Linear Milling Machine is versatile and adaptable with many different configurations possible.

The portable machine can be clamped or bolted to the workpiece or welded to sacrificial plates for mounting in any orientation.

The cross travel beam can be positioned along the cross travel beam so that the milling head can be inboard or outboard of the long travel beams.

The milling head itself can be rotated through 90° increments.


Technical Specification of the Mactech Linear Milling Machine

  • Milling Head Motor: Hydraulic, Electric or Pneumatic
  • Milling Head Speed: Up to 1000 rpm
  • Milling Head Toolholder 40 Int. Taper
  • Bidirectional Electric Travel Feed 110V
  • Long Travel: 1950mm
  • Cross Travel: 420mm Max. (depending on cutter diameter) Other cross travels are available as options
  • Vertical Travel of Milling Head 120mm Hand feed with digital readout