Mactech Europe PBM Machine 30

Wortelboer PBM8

PBM8  Clamping Range 0.5 inches to 8 / 10 inches | 21mm – 225 / 280mm 

Thanks to the stability of the machines, every end preparation is identical.

These identical end preparations are beneficial to the welding outcome and likewise are of the greatest importance when welding with, for example, a welding robot.

The clamping and turning range can if necessary be reduced by means of special insert jaws (optional).

Further options available include, automatic clamping, automatic feed and so-called mist cooling system.

By processing the pipe several times, the wall thickness becomes unlimited.

Other voltages on demand.

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Additional Information

Clamping range  0.5 inches to 8 / 10 inches| 21mm to 225 / 280mm
Turning range  10 – 225 / 280 mm.
Voltage 2 (Volt) 400V – 3ph – 50Hz
Motor Power  5,5 kw
Clamping  prism clamp
Clamp Operation manual
Machining carbide inserts
Max. wall thickness  20 mm (1 x machining)
Feed Operation manual.
Feed stroke 100 mm
Speed (r.p.m.) at 50 Hz. 40 – 100
Size LXHXW mm 1250 X 980 X 1650
Weight 1450 kg.
Electrically Operated Clamp
Electrically Operated Feed
Electrically Operated Pipe Stop
Semi Automatic
Built-in Cooling Pump Standard
Copying System
TRB Roller Bench
Maintenance Contract

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