The MiniFacer Product range are powerful manual operated flange facers for machi­ning even the hardest to reach flanges in just minutes.

The MiniFacer eliminates the need for heavy equipment compressors and other power sources.

These easy to operate and compact handheld flange facers allow any technician to recondition RF/FF and other gasket seatings in situ according to ASME B16.5 standard.

SYGMA Manually Operated Flange Facing Tools

Setup in minutes, machining in seconds by a single person with a seamless result every time! The clamping and machining range al­low the MiniFacer models to accommodate a wide range of flanges types and ranges in various industries. In addition, the manual and cold machining features eliminate the need for countless permits.


Every Minifacer is delivered in a highly du­rable and easy to transport hard case which guarantees safe transportation and storage of the machines wherever needed.

MiniFacer ONE

Internal Clamp Capacity
Ø25mm / Ø1’’ to Ø252 mm / Ø10’’

Facing Diameter Ø30 mm / Ø1.25’’ to Ø350 mm / Ø14’’
MiniFacer ONE SB Sygma

MiniFacer ONE SB

Internal Clamp Capacity
Ø13.5mm/Ø0.53'' to Ø30.5mm/1.18''

Facing Diameter Ø13.5mm/Ø0.53'' to Ø350mm/Ø14''
MiniFacer Evoe Sygma

MiniFacer EVO

Internal Clamp Capacity Collet
Ø48mm/Ø2'' to Ø240mm/Ø9″
Internal Clamp Capacity Base
Ø146mm/Ø0.6'' to 466mm/Ø18''

Facing Diameter
Ø48mm/Ø2'' to Ø560mm/Ø22''
Sygma OD Manual Flange Facing Machine - Mactech Europe

MiniFacer OD

External Clamping System
Ø65mm/Ø2.5'' to Ø350mm/Ø13.5″

Facing Diameter
Ø0mm/Ø0'' to Ø350mm/Ø13.5''