Training and Competency / Trade Tests

Over the course of the last few years, at Mactech Europe Ltd, in addition to our own skilled technician’s we have utilised subcontractors and agency staff to help support our machining services.

Whilst this helps with a steady supply of manpower, experience has shown that CV’s and stated skills don’t always match up to Mactech Europe’s exacting standards to deliver the quality service that we expect and demand as a key supplier of site machining services.

We understand that some companies merely accept CV’s and stated skill levels including the use of unqualified personnel for example when re-machining complex flanged connections such as RTJ’s / Hubs offshore.

This is an area where the industry needs a much higher degree of confidence in the utilisation of skilled technicians and something Mactech Europe is pioneering to achieve.

In the absence of accredited engineering qualifications, we believe the only solution to these problems are competency based trade tests.

At Mactech Europe Ltd we can now offer competency assessments / trade tests as a service to ensure that you employ the right people with the experience, knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently complete the task at hand.

Our trained specialists can help you ensure that you have the personnel with the correct skills and equipment for the work to be undertaken.

Assuring you that they can deliver on these work scopes safely, thus ensuring that your business is not at risk.

Please contact us for further information on this service, or to just speak to one of our team.