Mactech Europe’s Clamshell Lathes are portable pipe cutting machines for in-situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials.

The Mactech Europe clamshell lathes cover a wide range of pipe sizes from 2″ to 110″ OD  and have been designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance is required for easy installation on in-line pipe.

Portable Clamshell Lathes

Mactech USA

Clamshell Lathes For Sale or Rent | Mactech Europe’s split frame design enables easy setup on in-line piping, elbows, tees, valves, nozzles and flanges, which means ease of set-up saving time and money.

Esco Ground Millhog Series

LC Clamshell Lathes

2 inch to 16 inch NB

50.8 mm to 406.4 mm

Esco Ground Millhog Series

USS Clamshell Lathes

10 inch to 36 inch 

254 mm to 914.4 mm

Esco Ground Millhog Series

WD Clamshell Lathes

31 inch to 60 inch 

787.4 mm to 1524 mm

Esco Ground Millhog Series

SD Clamshell Lathes

60 inch to 110 inches 

1524 mm to 2794 mm

Portable Clamshell Lathes | Machine Benefits

  • Sever or simultaneous Sever / Bevel saving time and money
  • Enables cold cutting in hazardous environments
  • Very rigid split frame for precise in-situ machining and repeatability
  • Tool holder accepts standard tool bits
  • Lightweight and designed for handling in tight workspaces
  • Air caddy (air filter & Oiler) included with air drive machines
  • Custom set-up and drives for your specific application

Portable Clamshell Lathes | Come With

  • In-line air, right angle air or hydraulic drive
  • Air caddy with in-line lubricator and filter (with air drive)
  • Complete set of Tool Blocks & Slides
  • Locator pad set to cover entire range
  • All required hand tools
  • Gang box for machine storage
  • Operating manual with parts list