The SD Clamshell range is the latest addition to Mactech Europes Clamshell Lathe machines, these rugged and powerful laths can cut and bevel 60 inch to 90 inch pipe for large in-situ machining solutions.

Portable SD Clamshell Lathes

Mactech USS Clamshell Lathes are portable pipe cutting machines and simultaneously sever and bevel as they cut. Tool bits are automatically fed radially into the workpiece with each rotation of the lathe, which assures precise machining. Mactech split frame design enables easy setup on in-line piping, elbows, tees, valves, nozzles and flanges.

804 LC Clamshell Lathe

60 to 90 inch NB

890 SD Clamshell Lathe
60 to 90 inch NB
1778 to 2586mm