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Silk Portable Flange Facing Machines

Refrentadora de Brisas Silk AX012
Refrentadora de Brisas Silk AX024
Refrentadora de Brisasa Silk 1445
Refrentadora de Brisas Silk SX2872
Refentadora de Brisas AX48120

Portable Flange Facing Machines

Refrentadora de bridas Mactech LDFM5000
Refrentadora de Brisas Mactech Mini
Silk AX1445 Flange Facing Machine

Portable Flange Facing Machines | The Benefits

  • Mactech’s reliable Flange Facers are easy to use for resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, with no special training required.
  • These flanging tools can be pneumatically, hydraulically or manually driven, are highly portable and designed to work in the most demanding of conditions.
  • Rigidly mounting to the inside diameter or outside diameter of the pipe for stable and accurate machining.
  • These amazingly powerful and versatile tools cut through the toughest material, and work on a wide range of face diameters.
  • All the portable flange facing machines can maintain high degrees of accuracy, with a variable feed rate to achieve the desired surface finish for all gasket types.
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