Drilling, Trepanning and Reaming

Drilling, Treppaning and Reaming at Mactech Europe

Mactech Europe Ltd have a large range of drilling, trepanning and reaming machines to cover any application and can accommodate sizes in excess of 12″ diameter and 500mm in depth. With a choice of power modules including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic, our drilling & trepanning equipment is suitable for all working environments and conditions so we can quickly and efficiently deal with all of your needs.

  • Typical drilling & trepanning applications are: –
  • Stud removal of seized or broken stud bolts
  • Drilling of core samples for metallurgical testing
  • Drilling & reaming for the installation of dowel pins or fitted bolts
  • Drilling and tapping of metric, imperial, BSP & NPT threads
  • Trepanning of pipework for the installation of weldolets etc.
  • Trepanning of holes through steel structure to allow pipe work or electric cables to pass through.

With our in house design and manufacturing capabilities, we can make purpose built mounting fixtures and modify existing equipment to meet all of your project requirements.No matter what your application, Mactech Europe have the equipment and experience to make it happen.

Would you like more information or to discuss a particular project then call +44 (0)1260 253846 or emails us at info@mactecheurope.co.uk