Journal Turning

Jornal Turning

The Mactech Europe Ltd journal turning solution is a service that is available at short notice when bearing and couplings pick up or drag when being removed or installed on to a shaft, or for shafts that have been damaged or bent by other unexpected occurrences.

Avoid tedious and time consuming equipment break downs by isolating the area of plant you need to re-machine. Mactech’s pneumatically driven portable machines can repair worn or damaged journals of various diameters quickly and efficiently. Over the years Mactech have used their journal lathes for many applications within the oil & gas, powergen, marine and OEM markets.

We provide both our manpower and journal turning machines for the in situ repair of journals whether the shaft has been built up with weld and requires machining back to the original specification and tolerances or when the shaft needs machining undersize so a repair sleeve can be fitted, Mactech have the right solution to solve your problem:-

Typical applications are: –

  • Motor gear box shafts
  • Turbine shafts
  • Hinge pins
  • Weld crown removal

Our journal turning machines are able to be positioned in tight areas as it requires the minimum amount of operating clearances. With the simplistic method of set up, the light weight design and fully adjustable positioning system no job is too difficult to complete.

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