IN-Situ Milling Machine

Mactech Europe Ltd is able to cater for all types of on-site milling requirement. We have a comprehensive range of portable milling equipment, with the capability of milling large areas in a single set up.

We have a range of experience in many different industries including power, marine, oil and gas, OEM’s and the water utilities.

Our multi axis portable milling machines have been designed specifically for milling pump and motor bedplates, heat exchanger partition plates & grooves, external and internal keyways, ‘T’ slots, as well as square/rectangular flanges.

With our modular equipment design we can make use of a combination of heads, slides, beams and rails, configured to provide a diverse range of precision milling services.

Machines are typically fixed to the work piece by utilising existing bolt holes, however, if there are no existing fixing points present we will drill and tap to suit, or tack weld our equipment into position.

Examples of typical machining operations include:

  • Machining tube sheet division grooves
  • Levelling pump and motor base pads
  • Re-cutting damaged keyways on shafts
  • ‘T’ slots in press bases

Most on-site milling work falls within our scope of work. The modular construction of our portable milling machines, the power of their pneumatic/hydraulic drives and our capacity to adapt them allows us to cope with the majority of applications.

We are also capable of machining a wide range of materials such as, but not limited to, aluminium, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steels and most alloys.

If it’s the machining of structural steelwork, milling “T” slots in press bases, restoring flatness on motor bed plates or the machining of keyways, you can be sure that with our on-site milling services we have the best solution to suit.

Some of the benefits of our milling services are:

  • Speedy response time
  • Reduced downtime
  • High quality finish
  • Easy to achieve flat, level, square faces
  • Quick and efficient metal removal rates

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