Pipe Cutting & End Bevelling

Clamshell Lathe Set

Mactech Europe Ltd pipe cutting and end prepping equipment is amongst the best machines of its kind available today. With its light weight and rigid construction it can be used in almost any environment, even sub sea.

We supply pipe cutting machines to offshore installations, pipe processing yards, ship builders, pressure vessel manufacturers and structural and mechanical contractors to name but a few.

Mactech have the capability to cut pipes of any diameter and wall thickness thanks to our wide range of OD mounted clamshell pipe cutting machines and our internally mounted end prep machines. We can machine a broad spectrum of materials such as but not limited to; cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, including Super Duplex.

Our service technicians are well versed in applications such as weld excavating to remove defective weld material, matchboring to enable pipes with dissimilar wall thicknesses to be welded together, generating weld preparations in the standard 30 deg, 37 deg profiles along with compound or ‘J’ bevels and anything else in between.

When you require on site pipe cutting and pipe end preparation services you need a company you can depend on, with quality equipment and knowledgeable technicians.

Mactech Pipe Cutting Services have the necessary manpower and equipment resources available to provide a quality, cost effective service for the benefit of its customers, with the abillity to respond at a moment’s notice.

We are able to provide on-site pipe cutting services in the United Kingdom and internationally. Our pipe cutting machines are manufactured and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that they will perform to the highest tolerances under virtually all conditions.

We provide our pipe cutting services to the following major industry sectors:

  • Petrochemical
  • Papermaking
  • Power Generation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Subsea
  • General Engineering and Fabrication

Would you like more information or to discuss a particular project then call +44 (0)1260 253846 or emails us at info@mactecheurope.co.uk