CEVISA is recognized as the world leading manufacturer and developer of patented and high performance self-feed bevelling machines for the metalworking industry.

CEVISA are able to guarantee to their customers reliable and tested plate bevelling machines which improve welding preparation time for any kind of steel fabrication, structural engineering, navy and shipbuilding, wind tower manufacturer, offshore contracting.

CEVISA Bevelling Machines

Cevisa Bevelling Machines

CEVISA designs and manufactures self-feed bevelers for plates and tubes, mainly used in steel working industries and welding activities.

As a Pioneer in automated bevellers, CEVISA succeeds in manufacturing high performance bevelling machines, reliable and fast to optimize times and costs production. They work tirelessly to develop innovative bevellers to meet requirements for the most demanding sectors.

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Standard Bevelling Machines

DWS Offshore Mactech Europe

Adjustable Bevelling Machines

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Reversible Bevelling Machines

DWS Offshore Mactech Europe

Deep Thickness Bevelling Machine

Cevisa Bevelling Machines are available in 60 countries.